The Questions Today’s Philosophers Are Asking (for World Philosophy Day 2022)




Happy World Philosophy Day!

[by J. Weinberg]

Created by the Educational, Scientific, and Cultural organization of the United Nations (UNESCO), World Philosophy Day celebrates “the enduring value of philosophy for the development of human thought, for each culture and for each individual.”

Back in 2017, to recognize the day, we asked philosophers to share a question they were currently working on. The result was a kind of picture of philosophy at the time. How has that picture changed in five years? Let’s find out.

Philosophers, please take a moment to write down, in a comment on this post, one question you are currently working on. (Yes, just one.)

As I said five years ago, I’ll do what I can to promote the post widely (it would help if you shared it and encouraged people to post a question they’re working on). Together, we can try to raise awareness of what philosophers are thinking about today, and perhaps catch the attention of those who otherwise might have not realized they are interested in what philosophers are doing.

Thank you.

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