What Zombies Can Teach Us About Religion and Philosophy




Philosopher Tom Morris interviews Kim Parrenroth on new book Valley of the Dead. Parrenroth’s 2006 book Gospel of the Living Dead book, which has become popular in certain circles, explores various themes in religion, philosophy, and politics through an examination of the work of George Romero. His new volume explores concepts in Dante’s “Inferno” examining where they came from and how Dante used them.

… in his depiction of zombies as humans devoid of intellect who now only pursue their relentless, unquenchable hunger, I think Romero presents again an image right out of Dante’s Inferno – not just for the grotesquery, but for the idea of sin as mindless repetition and desire. Dante describes the damned at the beginning of Inferno as those who’ve lost the good of intellect and made reason a slave to appetite: that’s a Romero zombie!

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