7/20/2010–NDPR Reviews of Philosophy Books




Lukas H. Meyer (ed.)
Legitimacy, Justice and Public International Law
Reviewed by Laura Valentini, The Queen’s College, Oxford
Jonathan R. Cohen
Science, Culture, and Free Spirits: A study of Nietzsche’s Human, All-too-Human
Reviewed by Julian Young, Wake Forest University
David Hyder
The Determinate World: Kant and Helmholtz on the Physical Meaning of Geometry
Reviewed by Lydia Patton, Virginia Tech
David L. Hildebrand
Dewey: A Beginner’s Guide
Reviewed by Michael Eldridge, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Berys Gaut
A Philosophy of Cinematic Art
Reviewed by Carl Plantinga, Calvin College
Pablo Muchnik
Kant’s Theory of Evil: An Essay on the Dangers of Self-love and the Aprioricity of History
Reviewed by David Sussman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Georg W.F. Hegel, Robert F. Brown (ed., tr.)
Lectures on the History of Philosophy 1825-6: Volume I: Introduction and Oriental Philosophy
Reviewed by Robert R. Williams, University of Illinois at Chicago
Theodore L. Brown
Imperfect Oracle: The Epistemic and Moral Authority of Science
Reviewed by Steve Fuller, University of Warwick
Joshua P. Hochschild
The Semantics of Analogy: Rereading Cajetan’s De Nominum Analogia
Reviewed by E. Jennifer Ashworth, University of Waterloo
Sharon Anderson-Gold, Pablo Muchnik (eds.)
Kant’s Anatomy of Evil
Reviewed by Robert Gressis, California State University, Northridge



Avoiding World War Three

Avoiding World War Three

The world is at war with itself. Pessimism is rife. Hobbes and Freud diagnosed war as a permanent feature of...