What Do Simone de Beauvoir, Patricia Churchland, and Philippa Foot Have in Common?




The obvious answer is that they’re all women philosophers. But another commonality is that, as professional philosophers, they’re also rare. A recent Sydney Morning Herald headline asks, “why aren’t more women philosophers?” According to the article, women tend not to like the combativeness of academic philosophy nor can they reconcile the apparently misogynistic views of the many dead white guys in philosophy. Sociology not natural interest is the culprit. Oddly, the article appears to be saying not that men have kept women out of the discipline but that women somehow keep themselves out because they don’t like (can’t deal with) what men are doing in the discipline. I’m fairly sure that’s not only inaccurate but itself mildly disrespectful. Regardless, the University of NSW is doing something about it.

The Australasian Association of Philosophy Conference at the University of NSW this month unveiled a database and website to increase students’ awareness of women’s contributions to philosophy, and enhance the diversity of philosophy curricula.





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