HuffPo Article on Stand to Reason Broadcast




I just discovered that Stand to Reason radio, a feature of the conservative Christian apologetics organization Stand to Reason, referenced my most recent Huffington Post article titled, “Why Faith Claims Should Be ‘Corrected’: A Professor’s Argument” on their national broadcast. In fact the host, J. Warner Wallace, read the entire article on the air and then commented on it. The article (and more importantly the ideas of Dr. Peter Boghossian which the article was about) has generated quite a bit of interest and discussion, and this is further evidence that people are deeply interested in these topics.

The STR broadcast is carried live on over 100 stations and is available via podcast and download as well.

You can listen to the broadcast here. The host begins talking about my article at about the 29:30 minute mark.

Thanks to Bob Seidensticker for the pointer.