Program in Existential Psychoanalysis and Phenomenology





Program in existential psychoanalysis and phenomenology at the Existential Psychoanalytic Institute of Seattle

The 2-year certification program in existential psychoanalysis and phenomenology is designed for M.A./Ph.D. students or graduates in psychology, counseling, social work, philosophy, or a related field who are interested in the theoretical and clinical aspects of psychoanalysis (both traditional and existential), phenomenology, and critical philosophy (primarily of the European tradition, 18th-21st centuries).

The program is a full two years, spanning 24 months in duration and should be of particular interest to practitioners who want intensive study in psychoanalysis in a program that includes competitive tuition, publishing opportunities, and a curriculum that is broader, deeper, and richer than other programs of this type. EPIS also has a 4-year program that requires additional study, clinical and research experience, and personal analysis; a student who completes the 2-year program may transfer directly into the 3rd year of the 4-year program without interruption. We also have a purely academic/theoretical track for philosophers. Please go to contact page at for more information.





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