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We’re celebrating the 90th volume of Australasian Journal of Philosophy with a virtual special issue, which includes a selection of articles and Editorial by Stewart Candlish.

Read the winner of the 2011 Australasian Journal of Philosophy Best Paper Prize, Epistemic Two Dimensionalism and the Epistemic Argument by Jeff Speaks.

Inquiry is changing editorship in 2013 with a new board of associate editors. View the new Editorial Board listing.

Submissions are invited for a wide range of forthcoming Inquiry special issues, with guest editors including Brian Leiter, John Hawthorne, and Susanna Siegel. Find out more.

Philosophical Papers are welcoming submissions for two forthcoming special issues – Aging and the Elderly, and Philosophy’s Therapeutic Potential.

Philosophy Special Issues – See a full list of special issues of our Philosophy journals and read the editorials for free! Recent topics include ‘John Milton, European (Part 2)’, ‘Extended Cognition and Epistemology’, and ‘Epistemic Injustice’.