The “Green” Religion Supplanting Christianity




Or so says one of the pioneers of the global warming movement. James Lovelock appears to be dialing back his “doom and gloom” predictions about global warming and is claiming that he has been overly alarmist about climate change. No doubt true believers will dismiss his claims or attack his character (or just call him old and senile as was the tactic with Antony Flew a few years ago). But regardless of what you think about his views, one thing he says rings true: green is the new purple. The green movement is replacing Christianity as the one true faith in particular parts of the country. It has all the earmarks of the faith of my childhood (I’ve written about some of those here) and for we agnostics, being in areas that are full of green evangelists—both mild and radical—and culture-permeating programs and ideology, living among the greens can sometimes be hell (well, purgatory anyway).

Info on Lovelock’s change of heart here and here.